Funga Wari – An Introduction

by Sanatombi Angomcha 

Mangka, an emerging Manipuri folk artists
Image from Mangka's Facebook page
In Meiteilon, Funga refers to the place nearby the fire hearth and Waari means story. So if one has to provide a meaningful interpretation of the same then, it refers to the stories being told by elders to the younger ones in the family besides the fire-hearth. In a comprehensible interpretation in English language Funga Waari means Folk tales which every single community/ town/ city/ state/ country associates itself with. It also happens that different communities come up with similar Folk Tales with some slight twist and turns in the storyline. Even in Manipur the same Funga Waaris sometimes vary from one district or region to another region in terms of climax or theme. If Dialects vary from one region to another in a same city or state, then it would not be surprising to know about variance of theme and climax among the various Funga Waaris.

Funga Waari telling is a more of a legacy which has been passed on from our forefathers since time immemorial. This legacy is still observed in various typical Meitei families in contemporary Manipuri society. However, comparing with the other districts in the state, residents particularly in Imphal area seem to have lost interest in this wonderful tradition. Gone are the days when after a hard day’s work members of the family gather up together near the fire-hearth to listen Funga Waaris from the elder members in the family (mostly Grandpas and Grandmas).

It solely depends upon one’s choice whether he or she is in fact keen to cherish such nostalgic things associated with our own history and culture. Time has changed a lot and technology has closely knitted a bitter animosity with the elegant culture and traditions of our society. Maybe this is not a single concern for Manipur alone. Everywhere in the globe the same issue seems to prevail. This is perhaps the right time one ponders upon thoughts of culture and civilisation going hand in hand. However, a wise initiative is still sought from everyone about keeping alive the spark of Funga Waari.

For those who love cherishing such wonderful themes associated to our culture and tradition, keep voting for Funga Waari.

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